Flamingo Symbolism


A popular and well-loved tropical bird, the flamingo can be found on a wide range of objects around the world. This now-familiar silhouette is immediately recognizable due to its long beak and gangly legs.


Often found on art pieces, or used as print design on clothing, bags, shoes, and more, this stunning bird is also celebrated for the unique coloring of its reddish-orange (and sometimes pink) plumage.  The common name "flamingo" comes from the Latin word "flamma," which means "flame."


Ancient Egyptians considered the flamingo the embodiment of the sun god, Ra. Because of their bright, fire-like plumage, their image became a symbol of fire, emotions, and inspiration. The hieroglyph of a flamingo represented the color red.


In more modern times, the flamingo has come to represent everything from balance to originality and heart.